23 village operator UPA CEO Steve Walkerden retires

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Steve Walkerden (pictured left), the CEO of UPA of NSW (United Protestant Association), has told staff he will stand down while aged care is entering a ‘quiet patch’.

UPA of NSW, based in Wahroonga, 23km north-west of Sydney CBD, has 19 RACFs (nearly 900 beds); 23 retirement villages with around 600 units; 19 RACFs (with nearly 900 beds); Home Care services and a Youth Care service.

In announcing his retirement to staff in a circular, he said:

“After many years of service at UPA my plan is to retire later this year. I have loved serving UPA and have decided that this is the right time to step down. There are many personal interests that I wish to pursue and the opportunity to spend a bit more time with my parents, Deb and others in the family will be welcome. My plan is to remain connected to aged care, just not in a full time or operational role.”

“One question you may ask is ‘why now?’ Notwithstanding Covid19, aged care is temporarily in a quieter patch than we have seen for some time. The Aged Care Royal Commission has concluded, and we have the direction set by Government in response. A new Aged Care Act will be written, and there are many other positive changes in the wings. Importantly for UPA, there are a number of exciting new projects coming up, and as each will take several years, it seems right that a new person is able, not only to help get them started, but to see them through.”

The company reported a net deficit before tax of $3.7 million in its financial report of 30 June 2020.