The top five videos are:

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“How do the finances of villages operate” (2,077 views/84.83 hours)
“What is the Deferred Management Fee and what it means to you” (1,759 views/64.23 hours)
“Financing your ageing in a retirement village” (1,611 views/95.83 hours)
“Why we support retirement villages” (1,570 views/68.43 hours)
“What is a retirement village and who can join one” (1,240 views/31.37 hours)
The top village video this month (11 days) commission by client has been Wivenhoe village with 197 views, an extraordinary result. The standard number of views per village video of five minutes in length is 20 per month on
We have produced over 150 videos in the past 14 months across Australia. The investment to create a 5 minute village video is $4,500 flat. Call or email us for more information.